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Friday, 31 August 2012

And so it begins...

Last night pretty much turned the Ellis household to chaos! A quick look on Twitter resulted in me getting the link for Issue 1 of My Creative Diva magazine. After some discussion with the team on Facebook the announcement came that we were live! So, a day early I was published in a magazine :-)

My first priority was to find and watch my video debut, this was filmed back in July and I hadn't seen it yet. Now, this was (and still is) one of those things that part of me is so excited about and part of me is just cringing inside. But I watched it and it actually wasn't that bad. I stumbled over words, sounded nervous and waffled on a bit but it was OK. I then watched Clair Wolfe's video that was filmed at the same time and we cringed together via Facebook messaging!!

For about an hour I chatted, text, tweeted and messaged with family, friends and internet acquaintances. Feedback was great and I really do appreciate all of your comments. It was so exciting and this morning I'm really looking forward to what's ahead with this new opportunity.

So, My Creative Diva is an on-line lifestyle magazine for creative women. Each month it will have projects and interviews from the team of Diva's. My role is to bring baking and cake decorating projects and I'm about to start work on my recipe for Issue 3 :-)

Head over to the website to enjoy Issue 1, it's completely free and will show you what you can expect from the magazine in the future. I've read through it this morning and have already been inspired to try the floristy project so that's made it to my ever growing to do list.


Thank you to the people who have helped me so much with this piece of work so far, you all know who you are and I am so grateful xxx


  1. Congrats on your first interview, my Sister is the Editor, Joan Gordon!!
    Cheers from Carmel, 7 Mile Beach, Dongara Western Australia

    1. Thanks :-)
      Hasn't Joan done an amazing job with the new magazine?

  2. The magazine looks amazing, well done to everyone. We especially like the baking section, Love from Mum, Ian, Helen, Abbie and Emily x

  3. Lovely review Rachel! You have done a great job, when I design your pages they make me crave cupcakes.