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Friday, 20 January 2012

Food Safety

One of the first steps I took towards moving cake making from hobby to business was booking on to a local food safety course. I found out that the course is not compulsory, which seems strange to me, but I wanted to know I had everything covered. Most of the course was common sense but I did learn quite a bit too. It also gave me the opportunity to speak to an environmental health officer and ask some questions I had regarding my specific situation.

The course itself was ridiculously outdated and could really do with an overhaul. The resources used were so old some were shown using a video!!! They got the point across I guess which is the main thing!

The second part of the course included the test and we were given very little information about the content but were told it would be multiple choice. It turns out there were 30 questions and I needed to get at least 20 right to pass. We were given an hour but I completed the test and reread my answers within about 15 minutes!

After a final check I left the room, confident that I'd met the standard and as it turns out I had :-)

I was given my certificate when I went to college on Wednesday and now my future customers can be safe in the knowledge I am aware of how to keep my kitchen clean, tidy and up to standard when working on their cakes.
Next step is my kitchen inspection and this weekend I will be working on that. Hoping to get it booked very soon!

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  1. Hooray! Well done. Always good to know that someone is capable of being hygienic :) I'm looking to do one of these online in the future.

  2. Hi Dave,
    Just to let you know the EHO who ran the course said some areas are not keen on the on-line version as the test is not done in exam conditions.
    May be something to think about as you don't want to have to pay to do it twice!
    Although as I said it's not compulsory so at least you will have done it...very grey area I think?