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Sunday, 29 January 2012

Storage Update

Last week I decided to go and buy the cabinet I had previously posted about. I hadn't seen anything else suitable and that one had grown on me after a week of looking at the picture. My Mum and I went to Ikea and bought it and had a good giggle trying to get it in the car!!

It has since been in my hallway but tonight we have tackled the dreaded flatpack and put it together. To be honest it was fairly straightforward but we were taking a lot of care as there is so much glass.

It's now all done and another item is ticked off my to do list. This will, in the future, hold the cakes I am working on to avoid having a dining room table full of white cake boxes. For now I have put 2 recent projects in there and you also get a sneaky peek of the decorations for an upcoming fake cake!

All Done...

New home for cake decorations...

Next on my to do list is to sort out my stock rotation system, I have the idea in my head so should be back soon with an update.

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