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Sunday, 15 January 2012

Moving forward

This week things have been moving forward with my kitchen preparations. We have arranged for someone to do the tiling I need so one evening this week we will be going to buy the tiles.

I've also sorted out my storage, this is something that's been bothering me as I've been unsure of how to keep track of my ingredients but now I have a plan! I think it will progress as I become more established, or just think of a better idea! For now I have the boxes pictured below...

I will be attaching a file to each one with a list of contents with product, use by date, date item was bought and date item was finished / disposed of. I will also give each receipt a number and add the receipt number next to each item. This will allow me to track everything and know what I have used for each of my cakes should I ever need to track back.

I've also been looking at a storage / display unit to give me somewhere to put my cake boxes rather than on the dining room table! This will give us our dining room table back and will be a more hygienic option which is the main priority. This is the current choice but I'm definitely still looking, the problem is most single door units don't have the right depth but this one is just under 15" so would be suitable for most cakes. This one also has a shelf underneath which would no doubt come in handy :-)

So that's this week's update, things are progressing and I feel a lot closer to my kitchen inspection now that the storage issue is sorted. This week I'll be work on my Safer Food, Better Business packs and I'll blog about that soon.

I'll also be doing some cake making this week as it's my birthday so I get to try one of my ideas and enjoy the cake, can't wait!

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  1. That's the display case that I did have outside my studio. It's currently sitting doorless in the gallery that I work in. It's much prettier than most plain display cabinets but make sure you keep the hinges tightened!

  2. Cabinet looks good :) It will look even better with my birthday cake in it next month :D

  3. Kira, you may be able to help me, when we looked at the store display the door was rattling...is this to do with the hinges do you think or did it still rattle?

    And Miss R...I'm not sure I can just go in the shop and just put your cake in! May need to buy it first :-P