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Sunday, 11 November 2012

Cakes for Family

Being a baker and cake decorator makes me a very popular family member at times! Creating cakes for family is great fun and often gives me the chance to try new recipes and design ideas.

Having said that, this year my niece turned 9 and my design input is no longer needed. This year Abbie drew her cake for me and supplied the Moshi cards and figures I needed to make her cake.

I should say I'm not a huge fan of having non-edible elements to a cake. With timescales and Abbie's plan I didn't have much choice for this one. For customers, it does also give the option of a cake at a lower price as often the modelling adds to the cost. If your child has a favourite toy or figure why not use it for a great birthday cake design? As long as it isn't too big of course!

Not only did Abbie give me all of the supplies but I was given strict instructions on what Moshi went where and which cards too. This was of course in order of her favourites and I was even trusted with shiney cards, which is quite a huge deal I understand.

I was told they would have to be replaced if I damaged them but the small amount of royal icing holding them in place came away easily. Good thing as I would have still been trying to find the right cards now I'm sure!

Here it is, Abbie's very own design....

This cake has really grown on me, at first I thought it was too busy and I definitely wasn't a fan of the cards. Now looking back though it's great for a child, lots to look at and all of their favourite things to celebrate their birthday. Of course, if the toys were new it would be a great extra present too!

This cake could also be recreated to be completely edible, with modelled figures and edible card images. I guess a 9 year old prefers the real thing though...

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