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Friday, 8 June 2012


I got the details through for today's cake a couple of weeks ago. You may remember the weather...it was those few days where we had the most glorious sunshine. Everyone was feeling summery and hoping we'd keep the sunshine from then through to September. It would probably never happen but we all stayed hopeful!

Fast forward to today, my cake has just been delivered and I took a picture of the conditions out there, luckily the rain had eased off a bit!

Typical, hey?!

So on to the cake, I was inspired by the sunshine and when I was told the recipient loved chocolate and rocket lollies it just had to be done :-) I baked a rich chocolate cake and then got to work with decorating.

I LOVED making this cake! I'm getting quite a kick out of carving cakes, although it's relatively simple carving it's a start and I love seeing the shape coming together. I hope Lucia enjoys it and it brightens up her 18th birthday!

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  1. Wow! This is brilliant - love the colours and it is so neat. Thanks so much for taking part in Cake of the Week - Hope you join us regularly! xx

    1. brilliant, sometimes the simpler ones are harder as theres no way to cover mistakes, this is flawless :-)

  2. Thanks both, I'd do it a little differently next time as there are a couple of imperfections and I learnt a lot from doing it. Next I'd like to try a 'Fab' ice lolly...maybe when the sun comes back :-) x

  3. Oh yes, the sprinkles would look FAb! ;-) sorry about the pun x