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Wednesday, 1 January 2014

It's been a year!

So I haven't blogged in a long, long time!
I knew that and kept thinking I should get back to it.
I mean it had been a good few months surely??
No, it hadn't, it's been exactly one year!
Time really does fly.

2013 was a big year for me, this is always a time to reflect and I had some incredible highs and some fairly big lows too. I have learnt that we should stop waiting for a fantastic year as 12 months without some drama is almost impossible. I've also learnt that the lows often help bring on the highs!

I was asked yesterday what my biggest achievement was in 2013 and it took a while to decide. I think it has to be the skydive I completed in September as it kind of sums up my year. Not only did I get to do something I never thought I'd be brave enough for; I also did it to raise money for Tenovus, a charity that has done a lot for my family over the last few years. My skydive will always be a hugely fond memory and I'm glad I was able to share my experience with the person who influenced it the most. Fundraising will be something I hope to continue in 2014, more on that soon.

So on to the cakes! Things have been growing at Oh Sugar Cake Company and I've had some busy times over the last 12 months. I have also been taking orders for cakes in 2014 and 2015! There are some very organised brides and grooms out there :)

As I've done for the last 2 years I'd like to announce my Cake of the Year. This is a great way to look back at the work I've done and remember the fun (or stress!) of completing a particular cake. It's getting harder to decide, particularly as I do more wedding cakes as they are definitely the best cakes to work on.

In third place is a two tier birthday cake that I loved making. It is bright and fun and I was really pleased with the overall finish of this cake. As you can see the toppers are not sugar but I think for children this is probably better as they get to keep the toys too.

My second place cake for 2013 is my first car cake. I really enjoy carving cakes and it was about time I tried a car. This cake was for a 50th birthday and it must be really special to have something so personal to help celebrate...although maybe a real Ferrari would have been a better surprise!

In first place it had to be one of the wedding cakes I have made this year and it was a really tough choice. In fact as I type this I'm still stuck on which to choose, I love them all for different reasons. One of the big milestones for me this year was supplying my first wedding cake to a couple who had no previous links with me. All of my previous wedding cakes had been for family and friends. So I think this cake has to be 'Cake of the Year 2013' for that reason. It was a fantastic cake to make as I love making sugar flowers. The David Austin roses were a lot of work but I think look so beautiful on this rustic looking cake. The groom made the cake stand and the couple chose a buttercream finish. I assembled the cake on site, another first for me but all went really well and it did make the transporting of the cake a lot easier!

Cake of the Year 2013

Now it is time to look forward to 2014, I have some exciting cakes coming up and am already fully booked at times. If you have an occasion that you'd like to celebrate with cake please feel free to get in touch for a free, no obligation quote. It's never too early to book and your date can be secured with a small deposit while we agree a final cake design. I look forward to working with new and returning customers in 2014 and hope that you all have a great year. Especially those lovely couples I'm working with who are getting married THIS YEAR, such an exciting time!

Happy New Year All!

Rachel x

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