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Sunday, 19 January 2014

A cake with cheese...

This weekend was my birthday and I decided to celebrate with a different kind of cake...a cheesecake!
The thing is, I don't like cheesecake. And in the words of a friend of mine 'Everyone likes cheesecake' so maybe it's time for me to try to get on board.
I remember eating cheesecake as a child and the fruit on top was always really sharp. If I was really unfortunate it hadn't quite defrosted! The experience of a supermarket cheesecake was never very pleasant.

As with everything I guess it's about the quality of ingredients so I have been tempted to try a cheesecake for a while. Myself and a few friends get together regularly for coffee on a Sunday afternoon and not long ago a cheesecake appeared at one of our gatherings. I had a little piece and it was actually quite nice. The biscuit base was delicious and crumbly, the topping was creamy and there was no hint of sharp fruit.
So this weekend it was time to try to make my own, and with no idea where to start I went recipe hunting. I came across a chocolate and Kahlua cheesecake recipe and figured that has to be delicious, right?! I followed the recipe from the BBC Good Food website and managed to create this...

The cheesecake is topped with a crème fraiche and Kahlua topping and I added some chocolate swirls to finish it off. The only thing left to do was have a taste...

Well, what can I say?? Wow! This was delicious. Maybe a little too chocolatey but the topping gave some balance and was definitely needed to calm it down. I ate this a good few hours after lunch and felt full again instantly, just a small slice needed I think! As I'm no cheesecake expert I have no idea if it's good in comparison to others but I really enjoyed it and may try more cheesecake in the future. For now I have lots left and need to find some taste testers...any volunteers?

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