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Sunday, 8 January 2012

Facebook and other updates...

So this morning was an unexpected early start for me and what else is there to do at 6am on a Sunday but sort out more cake things?! I used the time to publish my Facebook page and you can view it here...

Oh Sugar Facebook Page

The page will be my website for now and hopefully a way to start spreading the word about my new venture. At the moment I've added all of the cakes I've made for family and friends and I'm quite surprised by how much I've done. There are a few more pictures to add and I'll be doing that this week so head over and 'like' my page to be kept updated :-)
On Friday I spoke to an environmental health officer who will be inspecting my kitchen. She was lovely and is sending me the paperwork I need to fill in for her visit. I also asked about how much notice they would need for my inspection and it's just a few days. I haven't booked anything in for now as I have more preparation to do.
We have someone coming to the house tomorrow to look at tiling behind our oven, it's a job that's needed to be done for a while and will be another tick on my ever growing to do list!

I feel like these posts really should have a cake picture so here's my Christmas cake that I decorated on New Years Eve!


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