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Saturday, 31 December 2011

Hello 2012!


For those that don't already know me my name is Rachel and I have big dreams about a career in cake making. 2012 is the year I am going to do something about this and I have already done some work to get me started.

For a long, long time I gave myself a headache thinking of a name, this is a tough one as a lot depends on URL's, Facebook pages and twitter profiles being available! I was looking for a name that is adaptable and can suit different aspects of my business as I (hopefully) expand in the future.

Oh Sugar Cake Company

That's it. My name. Hope you like it?

I have also been on the food safety training course, my biggest priority about doing this is doing it properly. I think it's important not just for me but for my customers.

For now I will be focussing on cake design and supplying celebration cakes, this will all be done part time around my current job. Really it's the first step from hobby to business and I hope it's the first of many!

I think in the current economic climate setting up a business is going to be a huge challenge but I need to make more cake. I need to build on the skills and passion I have and develop it into my future. I don't ever want to wonder what I could have achieved if I'd given things a go.

At the moment I'm in the very early stages. I have a date in mind that I will be working towards to get things started but for now I will be sharing some of the journey as I set up.

I hope you all enjoy the read and look forward to hearing from you :-)

Now where's that to do list!

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  1. Go Rachel! I wish you every success in your new venture... and having sampled your cake I am sure that it will go well for you :)

  2. Thanks Karen, still building on my skills ready for the 3D version of your gorgeous car x